Tips For An Effective Internship Policy
  • Make an inventory on which internship tasks are possible and where you can use an extra hand.
  • Stipulate which person will accompany the trainee and involve this person in the selection of the trainee.
  • Do you need a trainee throughout the whole year? Take two trainees on an annual basis and let the second trainee start in the last month of the first trainee. Then the trainees can instruct each other and this will cost you less time.
  • Inform your colleagues about the start date and the content of the assignment of the trainee.
  • Make (monthly) appointments for coaching conversations with the trainee.
  • More than 20% of all trainees become employed at the internship company. Working with trainees offers you an ideal possibility of getting to know the person during the internship period, so you are able to employ the best trainee after that period.
  • Let the trainee present his or her findings/recommendations at the end of the internship period in your company.