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Architecture & Construction management Internship available in Sydney!

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  • When
    Withdrawn 4 - 25 weeks 28 - 36 hours per week
  • Education levels
    Post-secondary non-tertiary education Bachelor’s or equivalent level Doctoral or equivalent level
  • Internship types
    Work placement Voluntary work Summer internship Graduation assignment Internship
  • Salary
Job description

We are a friendly design and construction company that is located in a Norwest Business Park Sydney. Our office is modern and Hi …ere’s a bus stop opposite the office and metro to city close by.

Right now we are looking for architectural/design Interns. We specialize in residential and commercial projects. We have in-house Architects and Construction managers.

Our projects range from luxury custom design house, town houses, duplex, high rise apartments and all types of commercial buildings. All our departments work closely together.

We will be providing you with a fully equipped workstation in a modern office environment and training. The internship duration is flexible, so if your looking for a short or long term Internship then we can help you .

If you are interested or if you have any questions please email: <…> with your CV.


Intern Architect Duties and Responsibilities

An architectural design internship gives you the chance to practice your newly acquired skills and gain real-world experience. As a student or fresh graduate, you should have the ability to read drawings, make sketches and complete basic projects, but you need more than that to become an architect. During an internship, you receive guidance, build relationships and take on challenging projects. Think of it as an opportunity to turn coursework into professional work. Your day-to-day duties may include:( not limited to)

  • Assist with design drawings

  • Discuss project requirements with your team

  • Organize files and materials

  • Visit worksites to make sure everything goes as planned

  • Prepare contracts, reports, CAD drawings and diagrams

  • Generate design development ideas

  • Research building codes and standards

  • Develop 3D conceptual designs

  • Prepare design mock-ups and color boards

  • Research the different types of building materials, lighting fixtures and other products

  • office admin.

An intern architect may also order product samples, attend staff meetings and do basic calculations for projects. Sometimes, interns are asked to perform administrative work and analytical tasks, conduct research for the project team or revise drawings. Having strong organizational skills is essential, as you may need to work overtime and meet tight deadlines.

Preferred profile

Current or recent graduate Architectural student

What we offer

An architecture internship is an excellent opportunity for any future architect to get hands-on experience in their career path, expand their professional network, gain skills and create a portfolio. 

Applying for an internship program with us, will place you directly into the heart of the architectural process. By joining a design team, you’ll develop new skills and polish the skills you’ve already acquired.

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Company profile

  • Construction and crafts
  • Small (10-49)
  • Baulkham Hills, Australia