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Paid Internship (Amsterdam )- Sales and Digital marketing Team Member -EU students only !

Job title Paid Internship (Amsterdam)- Sales and Digital marketing Team Member -EU st
Education level Bachelor’s or equivalent level, Master’s or equivalent level
Location Almere, Netherlands
Hours per week 40
Availability Available from April 2023
Internship duration 3 - 9 months
Internship types Work placement, Sandwich placement, Graduation assignment, Internship
Internship fee € 400
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Job description


Your role and Responsibilities are below

You can watch the video here to see more details of our company


  1. Key activities within the internship are:\ \ a) Communicating with international clients independently and being responsible for various designers and global brands in over 55 countries

    b) Analyzing information and managing Social Media, content writing and digital marketing

    c) Advising international designers with various material possibilities and how to build a brand and help them for their branding needs    \ d) The candidate should be able to handle client orders. track orders for international clients and communicate with them effectively 

    e) Support various Sales and Marketing activities in the company  and be able to work on independent projects

\ Further the candidate will be involved in some or all of the activities of the company but not limited to only those stated below. 

1)  Identifying potential customers based on methodology defined within the company and assisting sales  \ \ 2) Being part of trade show if the opportunity arises and being involved in operational activities of the company

Internship is indeed paid and selected candidates will get monthly allowances and free paid holidays too!  \ \ In case if you have specific graduation assignment  that needs to be done, specific projects would be

\ Kindly send us your CV and details at the email address with picture of yourself. You can apply directly  at our email info\ or whatsapp us on …your CV and motivational letter\ \ To know more about the company check the website of the same www\…

What we offer

We offer:

Sun Enterprises

We are leading manufacturer & designer of materials used in fashion & Leather goods based in Almere, The Netherlands . The company exports to more than 55 countries and has a global footprint of clients. More details can be see on the website ( ) .

Our goal is to be innovative and bring new products in the market and lead the fashion industry!

We work closely with customers to be able to produce designs based on specific needs We can deliver customized beads, based on your specific needs. We ensure prompt delivery and highest quality

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This vacancy is valid through 04/30/2023