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Exiting Digital MarCom internship in the Netherlands!

Job title Digital Marketeer
Education level Post-secondary non-tertiary education, Short-cycle tertiary education, Bachelor’s or equivalent level, Master’s or equivalent level, Doctoral or equivalent level
Location Utrecht, Netherlands
Hours per week 16 - 32
Availability Available from April 2023
Internship duration 3 - 5 months
Internship types Internship, Graduation assignment, Summer internship, Work placement
Salary remark - Internship allowance €........ a month - Lots of freedom to organize your work as you wish - Get to learn about 3D printing and other cool innovations - We work in a highly international environment,
Eligible applicant countries: Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands
Internship fee Negotiable
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Job description

Do you want to work in a scale-up where you can get a lot of responsibility and freedom to develop your personal skills? Interested in technologies like 3D printing? Then read on and apply.

You’ve probably heard about 3D printing, right? Well, we work with that, but in a cool, completely different and highly successful way. And yes, what we do is successful and growing rapidly, so we really need your help here. What will you do if you join us? You’ll be making us digitally visible out there and make sure our entire ecosystem frequently sees us and hears from us. Increase our name in the market as well as the amount of followers we have and come up with great ideas to make us stand out. In the process, you’ll have fun with the rest of the international team, join at drinks, teach us your effective way of working, tell us about how you would do things, challenge us at times and come up with even greater ideas than we’ve had so far. You can really make a difference with us, enjoying the opportunity to learn a lot quickly and do that in your own way!


The great part of this job is; flexibility in times and locations, both at home and at the office; we’ll find the best mix. Every other day, we’ll go through the planning, and you can start with your to do list, which consists of things like: searching and posting content for social media posts, writing a blog article, publish a webpage, come up with ideas to increase the number of followers etc. After lunch, have a meeting with some of us to outline an online campaign to get more customers. If you want to, you can lead the project, if you like that kind of responsibility. And, we’ll learn you what it takes to run a company.

Preferred profile

What we offer

Great opportunity in a highly international team, working on the coolest topics (digitization, 3D printing, and more)

Company presentation

DiManEx BV

DiManEx is a digital supply chain service provider of services that help its global customers improve their supply chain performance. We provide platform based machine learning data analysis on 3D printability of parts, as well as define the economic feasibility of it. In addition, we use different sophisticated digitization services to create digital twins of (spare) parts, that are ready for 3D printing (e.g. 3D scanning of parts, software based bulk 2D file (JPG) data extraction, 2D to 3D file conversion as well as a ‘Digital Passport of parts (defining 3D printing material, technology and partner to meet the part quality specs). We have extensive experience with parts/quality validation as well. Finally, we provide for a contracted, high quality, network of Additive Manufacturing service providers across the globe; allowing us to 3D print your parts where ever you need them, when you need them and in the quality required!

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This vacancy is valid through 04/30/2023