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Online Marketing | Internship | 6 months minimum | Starting July - August

Job title Junior Account Manager Germany | Internship
Education level Upper secondary education, Post-secondary non-tertiary education, Bachelor’s or equivalent level, Master’s or equivalent level
Location Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hours per week 40
Availability Available from October 2023
Internship duration 5 - 6 months
Internship types Traineeship, Internship
Internship fee € 750
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Job description

At …m we are a dynamic start-up but established within the walls of our sister company (IEPC Premium and Concept) which is active since 2002.

This allows us to have all the perks of a start-up while having the maturity and experience of a more established company.

With projects for large accounts such as Borussia Dortmund, BMW or Nivea just to mention a few. The company soon expanded and started developing in various European markets. Today we sell to different countries in Europe (UK, BE, NL, FR, ESP,IT, GE, AUT).

We are currently working with 30 team members and expect to grow larger this year as the company is deep into its scale-up process. This company is an international company, with 9 different nationalities all working at the same office in Amsterdam. Very fast pace working style. The "work hard play hard" philosophy perfectly applies to us as we are numbers driven but also fun driven. We very often organize company activities and like to know that everyone comes to work with a smile and enjoys his/her teammate's company be it inside or outside the wall of the office.


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What we offer:

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Loopper is an e-commerce company with established roots in premium wholesale products spanning more than twenty years. As an international company, Loopper has partners and customers all over the world. What sets Loopper apart from other wholesale e-commerce companies is our ability to provide high quality products with excellent customization based on our client’s needs. Our dedication to clients, and our team, makes us a driving force. Positivity and ambition sums up the Loopper family, and you will witness this first-hand when you contact one of our team members.

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This vacancy is valid through 10/31/2023