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Quality Internships On Multicultural Mauritius In The Indian Ocean

Job title Work Placement & Graduate Internships On Multicultural Mauritius
Education level Upper secondary education, Post-secondary non-tertiary education, Short-cycle tertiary education, Bachelor’s or equivalent level, Master’s or equivalent level, Doctoral or equivalent level
Location Albion, Mauritius
Hours per week 32 - 40
Availability Available from September 2024
Internship duration 2 - 6 months
Internship types Internship, Graduation assignment, Summer internship, Voluntary work, Work placement
Internship fee Negotiable
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Job description

Quality Stages On Multicultural Mauritius In The Indian Ocean 2022 / 2023 A selection of internships available on Mauritius in the Indian Ocean in 2022 / 2023:

Great internships! And a wide choice for students looking for work experience in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. We offer Quality Internships & Cross-Cultural Experience.

The this company Team

Mauritius currently has Code Yellow. That means you can travel to Mauritius without any problems,

We offer internships for 50 different fields of study at reputable companies ('Quality Internships'). We also arrange your accommodation together with other international students, mostly on the coast, 5 minutes from the beach ('Paradise Weekends'). In addition, we work closely with the local passport & immigration office to organise your visa (residence permit).

Company presentation

Alumno Astralis Mauritius

Our mission is to improve the mobility of students worldwide & we organize internships from our office in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Alumno Astralis has many years of experience in organizing internships.

Ralco Monasch is a Dutchman who lives and works in Mauritius as Director of Alumno Astralis.
Whatsapp: +23059113643
Facebook: alumnoastralismauritius
YouTube: alumno astralis mauritius
Pinterest: alumnoastralis
Instagram: mauritius.internship
Skype id: alumnoastralis
Twitter: @alumnoastralis

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This vacancy is valid through 09/30/2024