Cookie Policy uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer. These text files ensure that Globalplacement continues to recognize your web browser. More information about cookies and the use of cookies by Globalplacement can be found below.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer. These ensure that your browser is recognized by the web servers. This makes websites easier to use.

For example, cookies ensure that you remain logged in to a website or that certain settings are remembered. In addition, cookies store anonymous surfing behavior, for example whether your browser has already visited the site. For example, sites can learn about your preferences so that they can show you more relevant information and advertisements. The advertisements are often necessary to fund the website. For example, cookies can also keep track of whether your browser has already shown a certain advertisement and no longer show it.

Cookies are stored on your computer and you can delete them at any time. After deleting the cookies, you will have to set your preferences again or log in again on some websites.

Contrary to popular belief, the use of cookies is safe. Our cookies do not store any personal information, email addresses or telephone numbers. It is purely a text file that allows the web server to recognize your computer and serve it better to your preferences.


Different types of cookies are distinguished. First, a distinction is made between cookies by function. There are technical cookies, analysis cookies, functional cookies and advertising cookies.

Technical cookie
A technical cookie is strictly necessary for a website and certain functions to function (technically) for visitors. This concerns, for example, access to shielded or secured parts of a website. Without this type of cookie, some services cannot function.

Analysis cookie
An analysis cookie collects information about how a visitor uses a website. For example, which page is visited the most and where error messages appear. The purpose of this type of cookie is to provide the provider of the website with insight into how the website functions and how it can be improved. This cookie therefore also contributes to the ease of use of visitors.

Functional cookie
A functional cookie is there to remember the choices the user makes. This concerns choices about, for example, the desired user name, currency, language or region. In this way, a user does not have to indicate again what suits him and what his preferences are. In this way, the functional cookie contributes to the ease of use of visitors.

Advertisement cookie
An advertising cookie is used to tailor advertisements as much as possible to the visitor of the website, to ensure that the same advertisement is not shown every time and to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. They are usually placed by ad networks with the permission of the website operator. They register whether an advertisement is clicked.

Cookies by term

In addition, a distinction is made in the duration of a cookie. A session cookie is active as long as the user is active on a particular website. When the browser is closed, the cookies are deleted. A persistent or permanent cookie is installed on the user's computer for an extended period of time. These cookies remain active when the web browser is closed. Persistent or permanent cookies make it possible to be automatically logged in to a website.

Cookies by parties

Finally, a distinction is made between the parties that place cookies. A first party cookie, also known as a first party cookie, is a cookie that is linked to the website that the visitor is currently visiting. A third party cookie is a cookie that is placed by a party other than the provider of the visited website. This concerns, for example, the providers of advertisements and applications, whose advertisement or application is integrated into the visited website.

Why does Globalplacement use cookies?

Globalplacement uses cookies for various reasons. The cookies ensure that the user is recognized by the web server. In this way, the user does not have to log in every time. In addition, cookies make it possible to analyze anonymous surfing behavior of our visitors, where we always aim to improve the functioning of the website.

How does Globalplacement use cookies?

Globalplacement uses different cookies:

  • Functional cookies: Globalplacement uses functional cookies to make the website function as essential as possible. The functional cookies remember your preferences and ensure that you remain logged in.
  • Analysis cookies: Globalplacement uses anonymous analysis cookies to analyze the behavior of visitors. This allows us to improve the website so that it meets the wishes of the visitors as closely as possible.
  • Advertising cookies: Globalplacement uses advertising cookies to show advertisements that fall within the interests of the visitor.

Can I refuse cookies?

Cookies are required to make optimal use of We therefore recommend that you accept cookies from If you disable cookies, the website may not function optimally and you will not have access to all the website's options.

If you still want to refuse cookies, you can indicate via your web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Mozilla, Chrome) which cookies you accept and which you do not. It differs per browser where you can set this. Therefore, look at the 'help' function of the browser you use for the location where you can adjust cookies.

Don't forget that if you refuse cookies, websites will no longer function optimally.

Delete cookies

Do you want to make optimal use of the website, but do not want the web server to remember everything forever? Then you can choose to delete your cookies from time to time. It differs per browser where you can set this. Therefore, use the 'help' function of your browser to see where you can delete cookies.