Privacy Policy

We understand how important your personal data is to you and take our responsibility to keep this data safe and handle it carefully. In this privacy policy, we explain how we at CareerPlaza Group B.V. (hereinafter 'we') collect, use, and share your information, and what choices you have regarding your data.

When does this privacy policy apply?

This privacy policy applies to all websites and services that fall under CareerPlaza Group B.V.. By visiting our websites or using our services, you agree to this policy.

Who are we?

CareerPlaza Group B.V. provides services that support students and beginners in their educational and career paths and helps employers find suitable staff.

Our brands include Stageplaza, Bijbaanplaza, Startersplaza, Europlacement, Globalplacement, GlobalWorkJourney, and CareerPlaza Group, operating from our office at Nijverheidsweg 7, 4104 AN in Culemborg. We manage the following websites:

As the controllers of your personal data, we commit to complying with the information in this privacy policy. For questions or comments, we can be reached at or phone number 088 555 4000.

What data and information do we collect and process?

Collection of Candidate Data

To use our services, it is necessary to create an account. Below is the information we collect during the registration process:

  • Data provided during registration:
    • Personal identification data: email address, first/last name, gender, date of birth, telephone number, address, and place of residence;
    • Educational data: level of education, program, school, school location, year of study, start of program, expected graduation date;
    • Internship data: type of internship, start of internship, duration, and days per week of internship.
  • Optionally provided data:
    • CV details: a profile photo, internship and work experience, previous education, skills, languages, extracurricular activities, and your resume.
  • Automatically collected data:
    • Matches with vacancies.
    • Applications to vacancies.
    • Acceptance or rejection of company invitations.
    • Searches performed.
    • Data collected through cookies.
    • Transcripts of chat sessions via Trengo.
    • Telephone number and recorded conversations.
  • Manually collected data:
    • details of interactions with customer service (time, date, reason for contact, and discussed matters).

Collection of Company Data

  • Data provided during registration:
    • Personal identification data: email address, title, first/last name, position within the company, telephone number, address.
  • Automatically collected data:
    • Matches with student profiles.
    • Invitations to students.
    • Acceptance or rejection of students.
    • Searches performed on our websites.
    • Data collected through cookies.
    • Transcripts of chat sessions via Trengo.
    • Telephone number and recorded conversations.
  • Manually collected data:
    • details of interactions with account managers (time, date, reason for contact, and discussed matters).

User ID

Upon registration on one of our websites, we link a user ID to your account to enable our staff to efficiently support you with inquiries.

For what purposes do we process this data?

We process your data with the goal of optimally providing our services to you. The specific reasons for storing your data include:

  • Matching: to make a match between candidates and vacancies.
  • Communication: to send personalized recommendations, vacancies, or profiles via email.
  • Newsletters: to send digital newsletters, provided you have given consent.
  • Support: to enable our staff to provide you with support for questions or issues.
  • Improvement of services: to better understand our target audience and tailor and improve our services accordingly.

What are the legal grounds for using my data?

We use your data based on:

  • Consent: you have explicitly given us permission to use your data, which you can withdraw at any time.
  • Contract: processing your data is necessary for the execution of a contract to which you are a party.
  • Legitimate interest: the use of your data is based on a legitimate interest of ours or a third party.

If you have questions about these grounds or wish to exercise your right to object to this processing, you can reach us at

What is the cookie policy?

Like most websites, we use cookies. These are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device while visiting our websites. The cookies we use are divided into three categories:

  • Functional cookies: these are necessary for the functioning of the website.
  • Analytical cookies: these help us understand how visitors use the website, allowing us to improve it.
  • Tracking cookies: these are only activated after you have consented to our cookie policy.

For more details about the specific cookies we use, we refer you to our cookie policy.

Deleting cookies

If you decide that you want to delete previously accepted cookies, you can do this via the settings of your browser. Note that blocking or deleting cookies may mean that our websites do not function optimally. This can affect how well you can use our services.

Which third parties have access to my data?

We share your data with third parties in certain situations. For example, your anonymized CV profile is published on our website so that candidates and employers can find each other. We also share your data with third parties who are part of our client base, such as during application processes between candidates and employers.

We collaborate with third parties to deliver our services. We have partnerships with:

  • ScriptieMaster BV
  • Trengo BV
  • JEX Backoffice BV
  • TheMatchBox

Your data is only used for the purposes set out in this privacy policy. Use of data for other purposes only occurs with your express prior consent.

Additional personal data

Both students and companies can optionally complete their profile with data previously mentioned in this privacy statement (see collection of student data and collection of company data). By providing this data to us, you give Globalplacement permission to show it to interested parties. You can change or delete this data at any time.

How do you secure my data?

We are fully committed to protecting your personal data by implementing technical and organizational measures. Our websites ensure a secure (encrypted) connection (HTTPS) during the communication between your computer or mobile device and our servers. While we strive for maximum security, it's important to recognize that 100% security cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, we cannot be held liable for any security breaches.

How long do you keep my data?

We do not retain your personal data longer than is strictly necessary. For information about the specific retention periods for different types of data, you can contact us at

How do you handle the data of minors?

If you are under the age of 16 and you want to use our services, such as registering for an internship, the law requires the consent of your parents or guardian. Once your entered date of birth indicates that you are under 16, the registration process can only continue with supervision and approval from your parents or guardian.

How can I view, change, improve, or delete my data?

You have full control over your own data when using our services. Here are the options you have:

  • Direct adjustments: log into your account to view, modify, or supplement your data. You can also adjust your email preferences via the account settings.
  • Access and correction: you can request access to the data we have stored about you at any time, or request correction or deletion of your data. Do this by sending an email to Use the email address with which you registered and include a copy of your ID. Make sure your social security number and photo are made unrecognizable to protect your privacy.
  • Questions and complaints: for questions about our privacy policy, you can contact us at If you are dissatisfied with how we handle your privacy request, you can file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority.

Can this privacy policy be changed?

Our privacy policy may be changed. We are continuously developing to improve our services, which sometimes necessitates adjustments to our privacy policy. New legislation or regulations may also require changes. When our privacy policy is updated, we will inform you via email. The date of the last update can be found at the bottom of the privacy policy.

Do you have questions about this privacy policy? Please contact us at or call 088 555 4000.