Interning at CC-JOBS INGO Rwanda

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Company details

Industry Non-profit
Location Kigali, Rwanda

About CC-JOBS INGO Rwanda

CC-JOBS is a registered INGO; established to support Educational Opportunities and Community Development in Rwanda. Our focus area is Gitega Sector of Nyarugenge District in Kigali, Rwanda (Central East-Africa).

Gitega is a disadvantaged neighborhood where sanitation services, supply of clean water, reliable electricity, timely law enforcement, maintenance of housing, transportation, waste recollection and other basic services are insufficient. Gitega is what we call an informal settlement. Recognized from previous research in the same area is that the youth and its underprivileged future opportunities are considered as one of the key factors to address to ameliorate processes in the neighborhood. Hence, the youth in Gitega is the central focus of CC-JOBS’s Youth Development Sponsorship Program called Support to Support.

We offer interesting internships/research programs for international students with all study backgrounds and various study years to support the implementation of our Youth Development Sponsorship Program.

The vision of the organization is as following:
A prosperous community in which the youth have access to resources that will enable them to become self-sustainable and a major contributor to the development of their community.

Internships at CC-JOBS INGO Rwanda

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