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Human Wildlife Conflict Volunteer Research Assistant in South Africa

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Volunteer Research Assistant
  • When
    Withdrawn 12 - 52 weeks 32 - 40 hours per week
  • Education levels
    Short-cycle tertiary education Bachelor’s or equivalent level Master’s or equivalent level Doctoral or equivalent level
  • Internship types
    Internship Graduation assignment Sandwich placement Summer internship Traineeship Voluntary work Work placement
  • Australia Austria Belgium Canada Switzerland Czechia Germany Denmark Spain Estonia Finland France United Kingdom Greece Hungary Ireland Iceland Italy Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Latvia Malta Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Slovakia Slovenia Sweden United States
  • Salary
    See salary remark
    This is a volunteer position. We cannot by law offer salaries or stipends to people without the requisite work VISAS.
Job description

The project provides opportunities for students, interns, and volunteers to gain field experience and develop research skills. Our research focuses on human-wildlife interactions and conflict. Our area is host to a variety of free-roaming wildlife species which means farmers can experience loss of livestock, game, or damage to crops, leading to human-wildlife conflict. Our project aims to find ways of improving this relationship and ensure the survival of wildlife species outside of protected areas. Furthermore, we aim to assess how living in a human-dominated landscape can affect biodiversity, species behaviour and diet.


Students at the AWCRC partake in a broad spectrum of activities related to the study of animals and their habitats. These include tasks that include but are not limited to the following :

  • Monitoring of animal behaviour and movement through the deployment of camera traps.
  • Data gathering and fieldwork activities through direct observation
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Entry
  • Protocol development
  • Community work, including anti-poaching and snare sweeping.
  • Eco-Education

Preferred profile

We have space for any student or volunteer currently studying conservation-related sciences. The program is particularly well-suited for students looking for conservation research experience.

What we offer

This is a volunteer position. You will gain in-depth experience while contributing to critical conservation and education efforts!

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Company profile

  • Micro (1-9)
  • Alldays, South Africa